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Petsecure is the largest provider of pet insurance in Canada. It offers pet insurance for both dogs and cats of all breeds and ages. Started in 1989, the company now has a team of 150 employees. Its industry-leading partners include the Nova Scotia SPCA, the Ontario Veterinary Medicine Association, and the Animal Rescue Foundation, among other prominent and well-respected organizations dedicated to the well-being of animals.

Insurance Plans

Petsecure’s coverage doesn’t just include basic care. Petsecure covers surgeries, comprehensive dental care, preventative care, alternative therapies (such as acupuncture and massage), and exam fees. This isn’t true of all pet insurance companies. Petsecure offers four different plans, all of which have different levels of coverage. These four levels are as follows:

Secure 1 -- Level I:

  • Accident coverage: $1,000 per accident
  • Illness coverage: $1,000 per condition, per year
  • Dental coverage: $200 per year
  • Sample quote: $41.04*

Secure 2 -- Level II:

  • Accident coverage: $2,500 per accident
  • Illness coverage: $2,500 per condition, per year
  • Dental coverage: $300 per year
  • This is the most level of coverage
  • Sample quote: $54.90*

Secure 3 -- Level III:

  • Accident coverage: $5,000 per accident
  • Illness coverage: $5,000 per condition, per year
  • Dental coverage: $400 per year
  • Sample quote: $78.03*

Secure 4 -- Level IV:

  • Accident coverage: Unlimited
  • Illness coverage: Unlimited
  • Dental coverage: $600 per year
  • Also included: wellness coverage ($350 for cats and $450 for dogs)
  • Sample quote:  $119.55*

*Note: the sample quote is given for a 7-year-old Golden Retriever located in Ontario.

In addition to these areas covered, there are also customer benefits (such as boarding/kennel fees, lost pet advertising, holiday cancellation, etc.) and special coverage (alternative treatments, behavioral therapy, and medical devices).

What isn’t covered?

As with all other insurance companies, Petsecure doesn’t pay for absolutely everything. Among other things, they don’t cover:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Elective procedures (e.g. tail docking)
  • Non-anaesthetic dental procedures
  • Nail trims
  • Food (including prescribed diets)
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Umbilical hernias
  • Accidents or illnesses caused by competitive or occupational activities
  • Pregnancy-related expenses and conditions
  • Any medical treatment needed as a result of a natural disaster

In addition to these general exclusions, there are also waiting periods for coverage. Accident coverage begins after a waiting period of 48 hours, while the waiting period for coverage of illnesses totals 14 days. These are quite a few exclusions, and there are others as well. Luckily, Petsecure’s stated emphasis on transparency means that you can find complete details on their coverage by reading their Policy Wordings.

Pros and Cons


  • Multiple options for those with varying needs
  • Dental coverage
  • Average claims processing time is about 7-10 business days
  • Coverage for comprehensive dental careCoverage for preventative care and alternative therapies
  • Boarding kennel fees if you’re hospitalized for $1,000 per pet per incident
  • Cremation/burial coverage for $1,000


  • Secure 4 is a no-limit benefit policy, but it’s expensive
  • Many negative reviews on Yelp (2.5 out of 5 stars on average)
  • Yearly deductible increases when pet reaches a certain age

Negative information about their unreasonable clauses (saying that dog injuries from “jumping, running, slipping, tripping, or playing” aren’t covered) was in the news not long ago

For those with money to spend on their pet, the Secure 4 plan is an ideal choice. However, because it’s very pricy (perhaps more than $100 per month), it’s not be a viable option for many. As some customers have been burned by what they feel are unreasonable limits on coverage, be sure to read Petsecure’s Policy Wordings to ensure that you know exactly what kind of insurance you’re paying for.

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