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Petco is a retail company that has been selling products for pets for more than half a century. Based in San Diego, CA, Petco is not only one of the top pet retailers—it’s number 2 in the country, second only to PetSmart (which only has about 100 more locations than Petco—they’re neck and neck at this point).

There are a total of about 1,500 Petco locations throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Petco also runs an independent non-profit called The Petco Foundation, which has put over $200,000,000 toward improving animal (and specifically pet) welfare, helping 400,000+ pets find homes each year and providing financial backing to several thousand American animal welfare groups. All of these facts about Petco go to show that it’s one of the most prominent, well-known, and highly-regarded pet retailers out there.

That’s why it’s especially notable that Petco acquired in December 2017. This site is a pet insurance marketplace that allows pet owners to compare and contrast various coverage options (for free!) and—as the site’s name suggests—to get quotes from pet insurance companies for their different plans.

Benefits of Getting Insurance Through

One aspect of the site that makes it particularly useful is the fact that not only can you receive quotes and make comparisons between plans and companies, but you can also read detailed reviews to get an inside look at other consumers’ experiences with each company. These reviews include average customer ratings, Better Business Bureau (BBB) and A.M. Best grades, and more helpful facts to assess which company is the right choice for your needs.

When comparing plans, you’ll be sent to a form to enter your pet’s species (dog or cat), breed age, gender, and a few other details—and in seconds, you’ll have a list of companies offering custom quotes for your pet. You can even sort the results by popularity, rating, and price, depending on what criteria you most value. 

When you click “See your Quote,” you’ll be taken to the site of the particular insurance company to review the plan’s details and cost. This tool makes the whole process of choosing a pet insurance plan incredibly straightforward, easy, and quick.

Who Does Work With? offers quotes from many of the best-known pet insurance companies out there. Here are a few of the companies they offer quotes from and reviews for:

If you’re looking to save time and money, and find the pet insurance provider and plan that’s best suited to the needs of your pet (and your budget), give a try.

Access to the reviews of each company, in particular, is a hugely helpful feature, and having them aggregated in one place makes comparison a breeze. With Petco’s acquisition of the site, it’s got the backing of an especially well-regarded, trustworthy company, and since receiving a quote is free, the only thing you’re risking by giving the site a try is a few minutes of your time.

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