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About Us

PetsQuote.com was founded in May 2018 by a passionate group of animal enthusiasts and talented contributors led by Nate Matherson. 

PetsQuote.com is an informational website which helps consumers learn about and compare pet insurance products. We hope to provide consumers with engaging research based content, opinion pieces, and data-driven visuals.

As part of our dedication to our readers, we work diligently to keep our editorial content accurate, unbiased, and transparent. Our editorial team adheres to a strict editorial code and is not instructed to write positively or negatively about any of the companies mentioned on our website.

We work as hard as we possibly can to put our honest opinion into everything we publish. The companies highlighted on our website do not have the ability to pay to remove negative information or criticisms on our website. We would love to hear about your opinions and experiences too. Do you have something that needs to be heard by other consumers? Please feel free to contact us at anytime.

PetsQuote Creator, Nate Matherson, with his dog, Pyper

PetsQuote.com is paid by some of the companies featured on our website. As you might expect, we earn advertising revenue by selling advertising space on our website. We may earn compensation when we refer you to a particular company and you open an account or conduct business with one of our advertiser partners. You can see a list of our advertiser partners and our Advertiser Disclosure here. For reference, there are many companies featured on our website that do not compensate us. For full details on any product seen on our website you should read the terms and conditions on the provider’s website.

Why do we accept money from advertisers? Simply put, hosting this website, creating awesome content, and building new tools is an expensive process. The revenue we earn from advertising helps us cover these expenses and keep this website free for our readers. We do not have paywalls or premium memberships and we are proud of that fact. We are also not going to tell you to turn off your ad-blocker… ad-blockers are awesome.

Have a question about our company or our content? Please email hello@petsquote.com and we will get back to you in a reasonable amount of time.