Progressive Pet Insurance Review

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Like other innovative insurance companies, Progressive has joined the pet insurance industry by marketing Pets Best’s plans to its 18 million customers who trust Progressive to insure their car, motorcycle, boat, house, etc. They call it Progressive Pet Insurance by Pets Best®. And they offer a discount of 5% over what it would cost if you went directly to Pets Best for its BestBenefit plan.

Progressive clearly states it is not affiliated with Pets Best, is not responsible for your relationship with Pets Best, and simply receives compensation from Pets Best for any policy you buy.

Pets Best is a well-established company founded to end the practice of ‘economic euthanasia,’ where pet owners make life-or-death decisions based on their finances. You can take your dog or cat to any licensed veterinarian, emergency clinic or specialist in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

The Pros (Benefits, Process, Coverage)

Claims are paid quickly, within five days if you use direct deposit.

Pets Best has a convenient mobile app, plus a pre-authorization hotline to check on the eligibility of procedures over $500. Also, a 24/7 hotline with veterinary experts to answer all questions about your pet’s health.

Its optional Vet Direct Pay pays your vet directly, so you’re not out-of-pocket waiting for reimbursement. You just pay your vet your part of the bill.

Most of its pet insurance coverage is underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company (APIC) who also underwrites Trupanion, AKC Pet Insurance, and PetPartners. The rest is underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company (IAIC), part of The IHC Group.

Potential Downsides

Because Progressive relies on Pets Best to provide the insurance coverage, it is unclear if everything offered on Pets Best’s website applies to Progressive, so you would have to call to confirm details with Pets Best.

Plans Offered 

Through Pets Best, Progressive offers three kinds of plans:

BestBenefit Accident and Illness Plans

This plan offers different levels of coverage of all illnesses and accidental injuries; chronic, hereditary and congenital conditions; hospitalizations and surgeries; after-hour emergencies; visits to specialists; and more. Exam fees and various treatments may or may not be included, depending on your choice of plan.

Accident Only Plan

This plan covers nothing related to illnesses, but does cover accidental injuries, such as broken bones, lacerations and bite wounds.

BestWellnessTM Routine Care Add-On

This plan covers preventive and routine care, such as vaccinations; annual check-ups and blood work; and fleas and ticks, and heartworm prevention.


Pet insurance typically does not cover pre-existing conditions; boarding and grooming; preventive, elective, and cosmetic procedures; and food of any kind, even if prescribed.

Plan Pricing

Premiums are based on the plan, location, breed, age, and the coverage options, deductible and reimbursement levels you select.

Progressive’s website cites a cost for its BestBenefit Accident and Illness Plan of “as little as $1 per day for a 2-year old mixed breed dog with a $5,000 annual limit, $100 deductible, and 90% reimbursement.”

Accident Only plans are cited at $6 per month for cats and $9 per month for dogs. BestWellness routine care adds $26 to the monthly premium, for an annual maximum benefit of $535.

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