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According to the most recent data, 55% of American households have pets—that’s 67 million households in total! In the last decade, the fraction of households with multiple pets has increased relative to the number of households with pets overall, meaning that more and more people have multiple pets these days.

About 46% of households with pets have multiple kinds of pets, too. This means that more and more people will be seeking out pet insurance coverage for more than one pet. If you’re one of these people, the upside is that you can receive discounts when purchasing insurance for your pets.

Companies That Offer Multi-Pet Discounts

A few of the leading pet insurance providers offer these types of discounts:

  • ASPCA: This pet insurance provider offers a multiple pet discount of 10% for each additional pet. There are also no age limits for illness coverage enrollment, and all pets are eligible, no matter their health status.
  • Pets Best: This offer isn’t as appealing as ASPCA’s. When enrolling multiple pets in Pets Best’s BestBenefit plans, you can receive a discount of up to 5%. However, this doesn’t apply if you’re located in Alaska, Hawaii, or Tennessee.
  • Embrace: Like Pets Best, Embrace also has a multi-pet discount of 5% for accident and illness policies that include two pets or more. They offer other discounts as well, all of which take off 5% each.
  • Nationwide: Veterinary Pet Insurance, a Nationwide Insurance company, offers a Multiple Pet Discount for two or more pets. This discount varies depending on the number of pets enrolled: two or three pets garner a 5% discount, while enrolling four or more pets gets you a 10% discount.
  • Hartville: This company offers a 10% discount on base plans for multiple pets.
  • PetFirst: This company offers a tiered discount program. Consumers will receive a 5% discount on their second policy, and a 10% discount on their third policy as well as any additional policies beyond that.
  • Banfield Wellness Plan, while not insurance, does offer a $15 discount on the membership of additional pets.

Pros and Cons of Getting Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets


The first is, of course, the discounts that you can receive by enrolling multiple pets in an insurance plan. In addition, another of the main benefits of multi-pet insurance is the peace of mind it offers. By insuring all your pets (rather than just some of them), you’re assured that when your pets have health issues, you’ll likely have help paying for treatment.

What if, for instance, you have multiple pets who get sick at the same time? This is not an uncommon situation if you have, say, two dogs you adopted around the same age, and who are both facing age-related diseases. Without insurance for your dogs, those bills could be astronomical.


There are relatively few cons to insuring multiple pets, as long as you’re happy with the insurance plan you’ve chosen. The one exception might be the cost of doing so. Even though there are some discounts on pet insurance for those insuring more than one pet, these discounts are not that impressive, so the cost still adds up.

For instance, if you enroll two pets in ASPCA pet insurance, let’s say that’s $30 per month each, without the discount (or $60 total). Each additional pet receives a discount of 10%, so it would only reduce the overall cost by $3 per month (or about $540 if your pet lives to 15 years of age). Nevertheless, multi-pet discounts are worth pursuing, if possible.

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