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Founded in 2009, Healthy Paws is one of the more popular pet insurance companies in the market today. But before you apply for a policy you should know all of the facts first. In this article we’ve conducted an in-depth review of the Healthy Paws suite of pet insurance products. Healthy Paws does not know that we are writing this review and has not compensated us for writing this article. Enjoy!

Key Facts About Healthy Paws:

  • Dogs can enroll up to the age of fourteen years old, policies around $41 to $61 per month
  • Cats can enroll up to the age of fourteen years old, policies around $20 per month
  • Unlimited lifetime benefits with an annual deductible
  • 15-day waiting period for accidents and illnesses
  • 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia
  • Cancel with 14-day notice to Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws created a health insurance plan for our pet family members that addresses a majority of the health and illness in a single plan without a cap on coverage. This single plan includes many of the coverage options that other companies may offer individually or as extras, at higher prices.

As with all pet health insurance, it’s important to note what is covered as well as the exclusions, co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses and compare them with the monthly charges. In the case of Healthy Paws, the company offers 90% coverage.


Their One Plan. Four Paws. All Covered™ health insurance incorporates quite a few of the standard coverage conditions as well as some that are rarely covered by other types of pet health insurance, with no caps or limits per incident or reporting condition. The following types of health procedures and conditions are covered by Healthy Paws:

  • Illnesses, Accidents
  • Hereditary Conditions
  • Congenital Conditions
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Cancer
  • Diagnostic Treatment
  • X-Rays, Blood Tests, Ultrasounds
  • Surgery (ex. anterior cruciate ligament surgery)
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription Medications
  • Emergency Care
  • Specialty Care
  • Alternative Treatment

It’s important to note that some of the coverage such as genetic conditions have age restrictions. For example, Healthy Paws does cover hip dysplasia for animals that receive insurance coverage prior to their sixth birthday.

While Healthy Paws reports that they reimburse approximately 90% of the expenses, they don’t offer options that some other pet insurance companies include for extra fees for such topics as dental health/cleaning, wellness, spaying and neutering, annual checkups and vaccinations. Like most pet insurance companies, Healthy Paws does not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The earlier or younger your pet is when you sign up for health insurance the better. That said, if you sign up too early you may find yourself paying premiums for a longer period of time.

The Payment and Claim Processing Reality

Unlike human health insurance, pet parents must pay for all services to your Veterinarian upfront and then wait for reimbursement. For some consumers this is a really big deal. Many of us don’t have the ability to pay up front for large medical expenses.

Fortunately, Healthy Paws is one of only a few of the pet health insurance companies that verify a 3-10 business day time period for reimbursement.  Some pet health insurance companies may take months to process as they require confirmation and even medical record copies from your Veterinarian or specialist.

However, Healthy Paws does not offer automated ACH deposit into your checking account. Many consumers like automated ACH deposit because this feature often expedites the reimbursement time. That said, Healthy Paws allows pet parents to use their mobile app and there aren’t any claim forms to fill out and upload. Overall, we’ve found that Healthy Paws has a leading technology platform compared to other providers with older technology.


The monthly fee for Healthy Paws pet insurance is completely dependent upon the type of pet, the age and breed as well as your demographics. Health insurance for dogs is at a higher rate than cats. Another negative for Healthy Paws is that there are age restrictions for both enrollment and approval. If your pet is older than eight years you are restricted to 60% reimbursement rate and may have a $750 annual deductible. They also require a 15-day waiting period of illnesses and accidents.

Here are some handy example scenarios (as of May 24th, 2018) for you to consider:

  • $41.09 per month for a California based 2-year-old medium mixed breed at an 80% reimbursement rate and annual deductible of $250
  • $61.70 per month for a Texas based 6-year-old Golden Retriever with 80% reimbursement rate with a $250 annual deductible.
  • $20.32 per month for a New Jersey based 2-year-old mixed breed cat with a $250 annual deductible and 80% reimbursement rate.

Healthy Paws charges its customers using recurring charges to your credit card. The recurring charges will be billed to your credit card on the same date each month. After purchasing a policy, you can cancel the policy but you must follow the proper procedure. The Healthy Paws website states that you are required to contact the company at least 14 days in advance of your next payment to avoid another charge on your credit card. You can contact Healthy Paws to communicate your intent to cancel via mail, fax, or email.

At we are animal lovers at heart. We are excited to see Healthy Paws belief in helping animals has extended beyond just pet insurance and also includes their Every Quote Gives Hope™ medical grant program in their non-profit foundation, offering assistance to hundreds of animal shelters and pet rescue programs.

Contact Information

Healthy Paws is located at P.O. Box 50034, Bellevue, WA 98015.

You can contact Healthy Paws through a variety of methods including:

  • Phone: (855) 898-8991
  • Fax: (888) 228-4129
  • Email:

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