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Our Contributors

PetsQuote.com is powered by a passionate group of contributors. At PetsQuote.com, our contributors have a diverse set of experiences with animals and the pet insurance companies themselves. Many of our contributors are pet owners and have purchased pet insurance policies on their own. Our contributors have the freedom to write honest reviews and are not instructed to write positively or negatively about any of the companies mentioned on our website. Are you interested in writing for PetsQuote.com? Please reach out to our editorial team for more information about contributor opportunities. We would love to hear from you here.

Dr. Catherine Barnette Headshot

Dr. Catherine Barnette, DVM

Dr. Catherine Barnette is a veterinarian and freelance writer, with twelve years of clinical experience caring for canine, feline, and exotic patients. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, daughter, three cats, one dog, one dove, and three horses.

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Nina Gunther-Segal

Nina Gunther-Segal

Nina Gunther-Segal is as avid an animal lover as she is a writer. Her fascination with the animal kingdom was sparked by a childhood spent around all kinds of creatures, from the usual suspects--dogs and cats--to hamsters, rats, snails, fish, horses, and all kinds of farm animals. Today, Nina enjoys taking her Lab-Akita mix, Henry, on walks in the woods and to local swimming holes.

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Sharon ODay

Sharon O'Day

Sharon O’Day has lived and worked around the globe as a marketer for most of her life. More recently, she has brought her researching and writing skills to the internet, to include writing about pets. Sharon grew up in a dog-loving family, only discovering cats once settled near Miami. Since then, she has shown a series of rescued at-risk kitties how the love can heal early abuse.

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Karen Sulprizio Headshot

Karen Sulprizio

Karen has surrounded herself with pets for her entire life and has cared for everything from baby owls and birds to cats and dogs. With the unique experience of working in both the medical and natural health industry, Karen has made use of a holistic and science-based treatments for her animals. Her knowledge of the care of animals became so well-known that members of her Florida-based neighborhood would seek her help when they found an injured or lost animal. Ms. Sulprizio also works closely with her Veterinarian of 27 years. The lifetime of devotion and commitment to animals has allowed her to have the ability to include this topic as one of the many that she covers as a professional writer.

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Kerry White Headshot

Kerry White

As a pet owner, Kerry has personal experience with pet insurance and all it does and doesn’t cover. With an unbridled passion for the written word, Kerry brings more than 12 years of experience providing the highest quality written work. Kerry specializes in writing about pets, dental health, and medical topics.

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