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Find the Best Pet Insurance for your Best Friend

Compare the Top Pet Insurance Providers Available for Dogs, Cats, Exotic Animals, and More With PetsQuote.com.

What We Do

Our goal is to make sure pet owners can make the best decision when it comes to finding pet insurance for their furry (or not furry!) friends. We review pet insurance policies based on their cost, level of protection, customer service, and more. Don't worry! We are not paid to write good or bad reviews for any of the companies listed within this site. We try to keep our content updated so our readers can make the best choices when it comes to insuring their invaluable pets.

Cat Insurance

Keep your feline friend healthy

If you are looking for insurance for your cat, look no further! Cat insurance may cover a variety of medical conditions and procedures for a relatively low price. Rest easy knowing your feline friend will be able to receive treatment if anything happens!

Dog Insurance

Look forward to more barks TO COME

Dogs commonly have a variety of medical issues that pet insurance may help cover. From irritating ear infections to pesky fleas to annoying allergies, dog insurance may help ensure that your vet costs never get too high so you can always treat your pup!

Bird Insurance


While not all pet insurance providers cover birds, thankfully there are a few that do. These plans are generally cheaper than dog insurance and cat insurance, but may still protect your flying friend in times of need. See all of your options in our bird insurance guide!

     I Started PetsQuote To Help Keep Animals Happy & Healthy!     

After finding it hard to compare pet insurance options, I wanted to start a website to do just that. As a lifelong animal lover myself, I started PetsQuote so that no pet has to forgo treatment because of financial limitations.

Nate Matherson, PetsQuote Creator


About Us

PetsQuote.com was founded in May 2018 by a passionate group of animal enthusiasts. PetsQuote is an informational website which helps consumers learn about and compare pet insurance products. We hope to provide consumers with engaging research based content, opinion pieces, and data-driven visuals.

All content on our website is completely unbiased. We do not accept payment for writing positive (or negative) content about any of the companies listed on our site. Keeping our readers informed is our #1 priority!

Many of our articles are written by veterinarians that know your pet's health better than anyone. While we haven't reviewed every pet insurance company (yet), we are always typing away trying to bring more content to our readers.

We are always listening to our readers! Have a question that you can't find an answer to? Have a suggestion for our site? Just want to chat about pet insurance or pets in general? Feel free to contact us!